Success in the Mountains

IMG_2071.JPGThree weeks ago, Auntie Karin’s Knitting Basket made its first public appearance. The vendor mall of the 26th National Convention of the Danish Sisterhood was a perfect place to get started. Here are just two pictures…can’t believe I didn’t take more.


A huge shout out and many thanks to my dear friend, Christine, who flew from Wisconsin to work the booth while I attended meetings.┬áIt was such a blessing to have her there to talk to customers, handle the sales, and well, just be there. It wouldn’t have been the same without her. Christine was a constant cheerleader in the months leading up to Convention…I wonder how many times she heard me ask ‘should I knit more nisse?’ or ‘how about a hat?’



Today I launch the blog for my knitting adventures. I love the feeling of yarn in my fingers…the movement as I pick up stitches and add to a garment…the forming of an animal’s head or face…or looking at a the personality of a Scandinavian nisse once he’s all sewn together. Many of you have asked…